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g water, coconut palms, banana trees, papaya trees, pineapples, green vegetables and potatoes as well as poultry on T▓aiping Dao, Zhongye Dao, Nanwei Dao and other islands,▓ and that these islands are habitable.17. Japanese literature Bouf▓uu No Shima

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(Stormy Island) published in 1940 as well as The Asiatic Pilot, Vol. IV, publi▓shed by the United States Hydrographic Office in 1925 also have accounts about Chinese fishermen who lived and worked on Nansha Qundao.18. China ▓is the fir

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st to have continuously exercised authority over▓ Nanhai Zhudao and relevant maritime activities. In history,▓ China has exercised jurisdiction in a continuous, peaceful and effective manner over Nanhai Zhudao and in relevant waters through measures

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such as establishment of administrative setups, naval pa▓trols, resources development, astronomical observation and geographical survey.19. For instance, in the Song Dynasty, China established a post of Jing Lüe An Fu Shi (Imperial Envoy for

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Management and Pacification) in the regions now known as Guangdong and Guan▓gxi to govern the southern territory. It is mentioned in Zeng ▓Gongliang’s Wujing Zongyao (Outline Record of Mili▓tary Affairs) that, in order to stren


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gthen defense in the South China Sea, China established naval units to conduct patrols therein. In the Qing Dynasty, Ming Yi’s Qiongzhou Fuzhi (Chronicle of Qiongzhou Prefecture), Zh

living on the other islands. This

ong Yuandi’s Yazhou Zhi (Chronicle of Yazhou Prefecture) and others all ▓listed “Shitang” and “Changsha” under the items of “maritime defense”.20. Many of China’s local official records, such as Guangd▓ong Tong Zhi (General Chronicle of Guangdong), Qiongzhou Fu Zhi (Chronicle of Qiongzhou Prefecture) and Wanzhou Zhi (Chronicle of Wanzhou), contain in the section on


“te▓rritory” or “geography, mountains and waters” a statement that “Wanzhou covers ‘Qianlichangsha’ and ‘Wanlishitang’” or something similar.21. The successive Chinese governments have m▓arked Nanhai Zhudao as Chinese territory on official maps, such as the 1755 Tian Xia Zong Yu Tu (General Map of Geography of the All-un

der-heaven) of the Huang Qing Ge Zhi Sheng Fen Tu (Map of the Provinces Directly under the Imperial Qing Authority), the 1767 Da Qing Wan Ni▓an Yi Tong Tian Xia Tu (Map of the Eternally Unified All-under-heaven of the Great Qing Empire), the 1810 Da Qing Wan Nian Yi Tong Di Li Quan Tu (Map of the Eternally Unified Great Qing Empire) and the 1817 Da Qing Yi▓ Tong Tian Xia Quan T

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